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Dr. Paul Baker

Dr. Paul Baker, is a developmental neuropsychologist, former special education administrator, international lecturer, and foster and adoptive parent. He is the developer of the The PersonBrain Model, a NeuroTransactional Behavior Support Model, co-author of The Hopeful Brain: NeuroTransactional Repair for Disconnected Children and Youth and The Minded Brain: A Social, Emotional and Culturally Responsive Curriculum. His experience in merging brain-based science with trauma-informed strength-based psychological treatment has been instrumental in changing mental health and educational programs across the United States, Europe, Australia, Canada and Asia. He has made contributions to major journals and well-known publications in working with children and youth. Dr. Baker’s dynamic approach to professional development engages participants across a wide variety of cultures and encourages them to work with troubled children in more innovative and brain friendly ways.

Dr. Meredith White-McMahon


Meredith White-McMahon, Ed.D. is a veteran educator of troubled and troubling children and youth. She has been teaching for 33 years at all levels K-12 as well as supervising University Masters-level school counselor practicums.

Dr. White-McMahon has contributed to the development of numerous scientific writings and textbooks currently used in the university setting. In 2019 she co-authored the 3rd edition of The Hopeful Brain: NeuroTransactional Repair for Disconnected Children and Youth which incorporates brain-based strategies that are practical, effective and supportive of youth. Her experience as an educator has earned her wide respect for innovative and positive supports in the transformation of challenging youth.

Dr. White-McMahon also provides training and consultation services in crisis intervention and relational areas such as attachment, trauma, attention, depression, anxiety, and oppositional-defiance.

Dr. Cindy Ford

Educational Consultant     Chattanooga, TN 2014 to present.

  • Create and conduct a wide range of professional development training for educators and administrators.

  • Consult with administrators to determine needs and structure workshops/trainings based on areas in needs of improvement.

  • Provide ongoing


NorthStar Educational and Therapeutic Services, Dalton, GA

Supervising Teacher for Curriculum and Instruction    2004 to 2014

  • Supervising Teacher for Curriculum and Instruction for an educational and therapeutic program for students with severe emotional and behavioral needs.

  • Developed curriculum and instructional goals with administrators and accurately maintain data supporting targeted improvements.

  • Reviewed and analyzed research-based curriculum and instructional strategies.

  • Administered and maintained functions related to budgets for curriculum and materials.

  • Developed and implemented curriculum aligned with state standards.

  • Created and conducted professional development trainings for educators and administrators within the state of Georgia.

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